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Title: Loved and Lost
Fandom: Dragon Age (Origins, II, Inquisition)
Characters: Sera, Halcyon Cadash
Pairings: Sera/Halcyon
Notes: This is the one with lesbians. Sera and Halcyon bake cookies. Part two of a series of drabbles/one-shots gushing about the DA romances.

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"Sera, these cookies look like boobs."

"Come off it! They do not!"

Halcyon raised a flour-caked brow and slapped two almond cookies onto her chest. There they stood, proud, pointy almond bits jutting from the center of the soft-baked mounds, before they clattered to the kitchen floor. Sera cackled gleefully. She scooped them up, held them out in front of her, and soon, her laughter bubbled over again.

"Frig, you're right! That's brilliant. Forget Inquisition cookies, we're making bookies!"

"Boob cookies?"

"The best kind."

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