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Title: Anime is Real
Fandom: Undertale
Characters: Undyne, Toriel, Frisk
Notes: Undyne discovers anime conventions. Something silly (and in first person) for a change.

I’m sure of it; this is definitely Toriel’s house. The walls are painted pink, there’s yellow flowers all around the porch, and up a pathetically tiny set of stairs is a mat with the words “WELCOME HOME!” between a pair of pawprints. It’s small for a monster house. Tall enough for the human for sure, and there’s just enough room for Toriel and her horns, but not much more than that; I doubt Asgore would be able to fit through the door without hunching. He’d probably get his horns stuck in those dangly flowers hanging from the roof.

It’s adorable. It’s sickeningly cute.


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