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Title: Loved and Lost
Fandom: Dragon Age (Origins, II, Inquisition)
Characters: Fenris, Adrian Hawke
Pairings: Fenris/Adrian
Notes: "Move in with me," He says. Part three of a series of drabbles/one-shots gushing about the DA romances.

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It wasn't often that Adrian got the chance to hold Fenris like this. Fenris was lying in Adrian's arms, back pressed against Adrian's chest, the rest of his body sandwiched between his legs. His eyes were closed, and Adrian was just able to make out the sliver of a smile gracing his lips. He looked peaceful. Content. He hadn't tried to brood in almost two hours. Not that Adrian had given him any time to do that, as 'occupied' as they had been, but still. An achievement, one that needed to be celebrated.

Adrian brushed away stray white hair falling over Fenris's ear. He leaned down, placed his lips near his ear, and said, "You should move in."

"I have my own house, Hawke." Fenris said. It probably would have sounded pricklier if he had bothered to move.

"Which you never stay in anymore. With good reason; it doesn't have me. And I'm pretty sure your floor is starting to sprout mushrooms."

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