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Title: Miss Business
Fandoms: Princess and the Frog and Frozen
Characters: Tiana, Elsa, Charlotte LaBouff
Pairings: Tiana/Elsa
Notes: AU. The LaBouff's new guest is unusual, exceedingly peculiar, and altogether quite impossible to describe. And blonde.

Since the Prince of Maldonia came waltzing into New Orleans last month, Tiana fancied herself used to visiting royalty. She'd never met the man, but with the way Lottie talked her ears off about him, she might as well have. Prince Naveen: wealthy, handsome, with an eye for music and pretty women. And pretty men, if the whispers passed between some of Tiana's clientele were to be believed. But Tiana was no idle gossip. It didn't matter what or who the layabout prince decided to fritter away his time with; he was in and out of New Orleans as soon as Mardi Gras was over. He left Lottie and her dreams of becoming a princess behind, and after that, well, between warm beignets and warmer words and Lottie's wailing, Tiana didn't have it in her to spare him another thought. "He didn't deserve you anyway, Lottie," She told her, hands on her friend's shoulders, a sparkling tiara sitting on the bedside.

So, that was that for Prince Naveen, and when news came around about another royal coming to town, Tiana was relieved to see a queen on the front pages rather than a prince.

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